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Modern paving and other concrete products

About us

SEASTONE is a modern paving stone and concrete product factory based in Latvia. It uses equipment and a drying kiln manufactured in Germany. All of the company’s machinery has been installed under the supervision of highly qualified specialists. SEASTONE’s equipment operators have all undergone training in the use of this machinery under the tutelage of these specialists.

SEASTONE can produce quality paving, road and pavement curbs up to 3000m2 with a precision of up to 1mm. If the rules for preparing foundations and paving technology are adhered to, paving stone will serve you for 15–20 years. The factory operates in accordance with the requirements of European Standards LVS EN 1388 and LVS 1340.

SEASTONE offers its clients environment-specific durable and high quality paving surfaces.

Production of product takes place in three stages

  1. Preparation of concrete massInert materials are delivered into the concrete mixer using a belt transporter, while cement is transported from the silo using a screw conveyor. Water and plasticizer are added in the cement mixer. Dosages of all inert materials are prepared using the weighing method.
  2. Preparation of the ready mass The concrete mass is mixed and delivered by belt transporter to a compaction press where it is repoured.
  3. Formation The compaction press operates automatically. After preparation into precise dosages, the resulting mixture is filled into forms whereby the ready products are formed on special pallets as a result of cyclical vibration pressing, which are then transported to the product warehouse using technological conveyors. Thanks to the lightweight form-specific design method, a wide range of ready products can be produced.

Certification & Product Quality Standard

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